The next Open Game of Intuitive Treasure Hunter will happen in Chicago on Saturday, August 10th at 1pm. Click HERE to reserve a space for an up coming open game. We meet at a central location, easily accessible by public transportation and with good parking. The location will be emailed to you, along with a welcome and info letter after you register. The game ends by 4pm, and players return after a break to share stories and reflections from the game at 5pm. To join in, click "PLAY!" on the right. There is a $20 workshop fee! Contact us with questions at 

ITH is recommended for people ages 9 and up. Families with kids are welcome, but we offer this insight with regard to bringing a baby or young child: the game is played over 3 hours, and usually involves walking. During that time, you are asked to give your full attention alternately to your own wants, and then to another person's, and caring for a dependent child may distract from that. 

You can sign up alone, or with friends. In either case, you will play in a group of three people. People often sign up solo, and make great new friends. To play, click the PLAY button on the right. There is a $20 workshop fee. Contact us with questions at