The next Open Game of Intuitive Treasure Hunter happens on Saturday, April 29th in Chicago. Click HERE to register or for more information on the game.

Intuitive Treasure Hunter is an IRL game that fosters self-trust, group support, creative freedom, and big joy. Playing strengthens the part of you that knows the way, which leads to story-worthy adventures. The game starts with a promise and ends with a treasure. Rules are simple, but may not be easy. 

Created in 2005 as a way to help young people keep open access to their creative intuition, ITH has since been played by people of all ages, from all over the world, for many purposes (some of which are mentioned on the right/just below). In addition to being shared privately, the game has been shared at The Second City Training Center, The Improv Retreat, and has opened iO Chicago's Summer Improv Intensives over the past two years. 

Interested players can either join an open game, which happens monthly in Chicago, or organize a private group game for a company, creative team, or private event. Events on this site are led by Janna Sobel, ITH's creator. Questions are warmly welcome at 


ITH serves many positive purposes. Here are some of them:

  • Strengthens an inner sense of direction, and fosters trust in creative intuition
  • Invites players to notice the world with heightened attention and reverence
  • Challenges cultural conditioning toward strategic and guarded behavior, with inspired and generous action
  • Fosters true stories that elicit delight and wonder 
  • Gives players an experience of being supported, and of supporting and enjoying other’s personal journies


I was transported...

I never thought I'd end up at a carnival, in a pumpkin patch, and then sipping coffee and eating a chocolate croissant at a riverside cafe on my turn. I've lived in Chicago all my life and I feel like I know these streets by the back of my hand, but during ITH I was transported to another place entirely. The game opens you up to seeing the world in a whole new way and it was fun!  And I'll do it again.

— Larissa Nikola-Lisa

Let synchronicity work its way...

Janna's ITH is one of the most joy - causing exercises I've ever seen in practice. It causes humans to slow down and connect and let synchronicity work it's way to them. DO IT IF YOU HAVEN'T - I've watched over a hundred folks now try this and come back with awesome stories to share..”

— Tara DeFrancisco

Permission to look, desire to see

"The hunt highlighted that any mundane walk down the street holds hundreds of possibilities. Being open to them leads you to a wealth of experiences, of which any might be your 'treasure'. Yevtushenko said that “No people are uninteresting“.  Maybe that’s also true for alleys,  storefronts,  and sidewalks when you have permission to look and desire to see."

- Colin Tysoe

A tremendous amount of joy...

“The game gave me a tremendous amount of joy. The treasure that I found was realization that everyone has a story to tell. This discovery intensified my joy and excitement to connect and interact with others. Now I am more curious and open for new experiences.”

— Eric Becker


A promise is made at the beginning of this game, which is that if the rules are followed, each person's turn results in discovery of a personal treasure. Treasures may be objects, but they can also be places, experiences, people, or insights. Below are some things found while playing ITH. Because personal history makes something Treasure, these are best related through storytelling. To learn more about that, see THE STORIES page. 

Come Play With Us

The next Open Game of Intuitive Treasure Hunter in Chicago is happening at 4pm on Saturday, April 29th, 2017. We will meet at a central location, easily accessible by public transportation and with good parking. The location will be emailed to you, along with a welcome and info letter, after you register. You can sign up alone, or with friends. The game ends by 7 p.m., and players return after a break for a story-swap at 8pm. To play, click "Register for an Open Game" on the right. There is a $20 workshop fee. Contact us with questions at 

If you'd like to schedule a Private Game for a group of colleagues, students or friends, please use the "Request a Private Group Game" button on the right. A private group game can be scheduled at a date, time and location of your choice. We can also suggest locations. You choose the number of participants for the game. Price depends upon group size, and sliding scale is available for groups with financial difficulty. To learn more or request a private game, click "Request a Private Group Game" on the right. Feel free to ask questions at