The game requires following an internal sense of direction, rather than external sets of directions, which can sometimes result in experiences that feel story-worthy. The business of paying attention to our inner nature, and noticing the world around us, can lead to experiences that are vivid and compelling. 

At the end of every game then, after a break with time to return and get food, we host a story-swap for participants to share about their treasures and turns. Whether or not everyone chooses to share, there's a discussion that usually includes lots of laughing and musing and rich reflection about right brain vs. left brain processes, creativity and trust, and kernels of truth in our narratives. 

If you've played ITH and want to share your story elsewhere, we think that's a good idea. Because any story that inspires a little wonder about life is a good one. If you're looking for a way to tell your story beyond regular conversation, we can suggest 1. story swaps. There are a ton of these popping up all over the U.S.; a renaissance of spoken word. If you're looking for places to share stories in Chicago, here's a list of them. 2. Tell your story on the Intuitive Treasure Hunter Facebook page. It’s a place where people who have played the game can share and connect. 3. Write your story and submit it for inclusion in an upcoming book of ITH stories. If you'd like to submit, please send a piece no longer than 2,000 words, to If your story is accepted, it will only be published or shared with your explicit consent, and a full agreement about your rights & compensation.

Part adventure, part game, part whimsical remedy. Join us for something a little different.